Can Salt Therapy Help With A Cold?

Are you struggling with cold or flu symptons? Salt Therapy in Nassau County may be the answer!

can salt therapy help with a cold

If you are wondering if salt therapy can help with a cold or the flu, the answer is yes!

With regular salt therapy, many of our clients experience relief from cold and flu symptons by the holistic benefits salt therapy brings.
Himalayan salt therapy is relieves cold and flu symptons by attacking congestion naturally. Salt acts like a sponge when it comes to bacteria which helps to reduce the causes of your congestion. Salt when inhaled also helps to thin the mucus making it easier to breathe as well as helps to expel this same mucus more easily. It also promotes your body’s natural cilia movement accelerating the recovery process.

Tranquility Foot Spa & Salt Cave in Nassau County provides 45 minute salt therapy sessions perfect for those looking to reduce their cold and flu symptons and in many cases in prevention!

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